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Red Bridge Photography

Rebecca is a portrait photographer in the beautiful Triangle of NC. Red Bridge opened a newborn studio in March of 2013 however we still have a mobile studio to come to you. We want this to be an experience that you will remember and cherish the results for a lifetime. read more

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There’s so much to love about being a photographer, and at Red Bridge, meeting new people is one of the most fun things we do.  Some of our favorites are the newest people on the planet: sweet babies and their moms.


A maternity session with us is more of a celebration – one where we find the beauty in that belly and make you feel like a star.  After all, consider what you’re about to give the world!  For your maternity session, we’ll spend an hour or so (depending on your comfort) shooting at your favorite location, be it a college campus for your future Tarheel, a downtown area for the soon-to-be Durham resident, or anywhere else in the Triangle. We also offer the studio for some special maternity shots as well or you can do a combination of studio and on-location.

It is important to book your Maternity session early.  We aim for the the session to happen late in your 6th month through 7th month of pregnancy.  To book your maternity session, please email rebecca@redbridgephoto.com to start the conversation about your session and what we can do to make it special!


And then there are the babies.  We love, LOVE newborns at Red Bridge, and to better serve them (and their parents), we opened a new studio in March 2013 just for our smallest friends.  The studio room just down the hall from Rebecca’s office is ready and waiting – we have a ton of props, blankets, hats, bows, ties, and all the things that emphasize just how beautiful these babies are.  Consistent lighting and carefully planned setups make these sessions easy and peaceful.

If the studio isn’t your thing, let us bring our equipment to your house.  We can provide backdrops and props, just like in the studio, or we can shoot around the house, using the spaces that are familiar to you and your family.  This is a good option for new moms who need a little more time to recover after delivery, or for families with older siblings who might need a snack break or some toy time while the newest family member gets his or her time in front of the lens.

Before the session, we’ll talk about your taste in photos – crystal clear, black and white, or more “modern vintage” tinting and color effects.  Your family will receive a USB with all the photos in clear color, and a selection in various color treatments; if you like the effects but would prefer them applied to a different photo, just let us know which one and we’ll make the edits and send you a new file.  Plan to schedule your session for a two to three-hour period; however, if baby is feeling very cooperative, it might take less time.  If he or she isn’t quite ready for their close-up, it might take just a bit longer or we may have to re-visit you on another day.  We’re flexible!

Either one you choose, studio or in home newborn sessions are very, very time sensitive.  That being said, to get on the Red Bridge Newborns calendar, please email rebecca@redbridgephoto.com ASAP to let us know of your interest.  We will use your due date as the anticipated date of your session however they rarely ever occur on the original day that we thought.  Once your little one has arrived and sometime in that period of the first 1-2 days of life, call me or send me an email and I will get you scheduled for your session within a few days.

It is ideal for newborn session to happen in the first 14 days of life so communication and booking early is essential.
Baby stages – Watch me grow!
I am asked a lot when I should be contacted again for the next session after the newborn session.  Below is a summary of the stages of growth and the best time to photograph them.  Please use it as a guide to know when I should come to visit your little one again.
Some people have a session at each stage of growth and others skip some.  It is really up to you.
Newborn – within the first 14 days of life
3 months – or able to hold their head up in tummy time.  Typically, I have a variety of blankets and backdrops that support them in this time on rolling over, holding their head up and laying on their back looking up
6 months – or sitting up un-assisted, crawling
9 months –  pulling up and sitting with the most control
1 Year – BIRTHDAY!  We love to celebrate their birthday with what else?  CAKE!  We typically do a small family session, some individuals of the child sitting then we enjoy a cake smash session!  You can pick up the cake of your choosing from any local grocery store or bakery.  I have the cake plate.  Also, optional – at the end of the session a post cake smash bath session. These are adorable.  I have the tub and the bubbles and they bring the adorable!











Sound Business Practices
I am a professional newborn photographer and certify I have and will continue to fulfill all licensing and regulatory requirements for qualification to do business in my state/province and country as a professional photographer.
I am a Professional Newborn Photographer
I am a professional newborn photographer and will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise. I will always treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients should they arise.
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Address 2528 Birchford Court, Raleigh, NC 27604, USA